WOW! Auctions is a game that gives Holiday Market Rewards Card holders the opportunity to bid on promotional merchandise and other giveaway items using their accumulated WOW! Points. These terms and conditions incorporate all of the terms and conditions of our Holiday Market Rewards Programs which can be viewed here. If you do not agree with all of these terms and conditions, you are not authorized to participate in the WOW! Auctions.



The purpose of the WOW! Auction is to create another fun way for Holiday Market customers to redeem the WOW! points Holiday Market gives to its Rewards Card holders who purchase eligible* groceries. Our company frequently receives promotional merchandise from various vendors that, in the past, we would give away in a contest or promotional event. The WOW! Auctions present another opportunity for Rewards Card holders to have some fun with their WOW! points.



The WOW! Auctions are open to Holiday Market Rewards Card holders who have a current email address and phone number on file. Please allow up to 72 hours for a new registered Rewards Card and points to be recognized by the Auction site. There is no charge to participate in the auction. There is no set time or schedule for auctions. Rather, Holiday Market will periodically post promotional items as available on the WOW! Auctions page of its website, Each posted item will include a photo of the item, description and approximate value.


Holiday Market Rewards Card holders can bid with some or all of their accumulated WOW! points during the auction time designated for each item. At the end of the designated auction time for a particular item, the Rewards Card holder bidding the highest number of WOW! points will be awarded that item. The WOW! points bid by the winning Rewards Card holder will be redeemed at the conclusion of the auction. If a winning bid is made by a Rewards Card holder with insufficient accumulated WOW! points to cover that winning bid, that bid is void and the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder with sufficient accumulated WOW! points to cover the bid.


Successful winning bidders will be notified by phone call or email (hence the requirement for a current email address). Instructions for collecting the prize will be communicated in the notification call/email. Prizes not claimed within 30 days of notification will be forfeited. In the event of such forfeiture, the WOW! Points redeemed for the winning bid will be replenished to the account of the winning Rewards Card holder.


In the event an item is lost, damaged or destroyed prior to delivery to the winning bidder, and the winning bidder does not take possession of the item, the WOW! Points redeemed for the winning bid will be replenished to the account of the winning Rewards Card Holder. In no event will Holiday Market be liable for more than the number of WOW! points redeemed by the winning bidder.


*Eligible groceries are all purchased groceries excluding fuel, alcohol, tobacco, fluid dairy products, lotto, lottery, postage stamps, gift card purchases, money orders, money transfers, deposits, CRV, bus passes, event tickets and sales tax.