Clean Teeth and Clean Breath!

PerioWash MouthwashClean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath are important to me.  One of the ways I pursue these is with PerioWash.

PerioWash is an alcohol-free mouthwash with natural herbs and CoQ10.  PerioWash is great tasting, relieves dry mouth, and fights bad breath. Daily cleaning and rinsing with PerioWash helps promote healthy teeth and gums.

Dentist formulated PerioWash contains soothing herbs well-known for their cleansing action, while Co-Q10, folic acid, oregano, cinnamon and clove support tissue and gum health.

  • No Alcohol
  • No Synthetic Solvents
  • No Sodium-Lauryl-Sulfate
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Preservatives

In Joy and Health,



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Active Lifestyle? Try Arnica!

Arnica30xHyland’s Homeopathic Arnica 30X is an easy to use remedy for joint and muscle soreness, aches and pains, bruising and swelling, back ache or stiffness.

Hyland’s Arnica 30X offers 100% natural pain relief without the long list of side effects of conventional pain medications. Our new pain relief formula speeds your recovery from injuries and trauma, getting you back in the game sooner! The tablets dissolve quickly in the mouth and treat a wide range of injuries, including joint & muscle soreness, bruising and swelling, stiffness, back ache, fatigue and inflammation. Arnica 30X is an ideal choice for every day pain or for an acute injury. You can take it before activity to minimize pain later!   For more information on Arnica montana, visit

Key Benefits:

  • Advance Defense- use before activity
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Easy / pleasant to take quick dissolving tablets
  • Non Habit-Forming, Drug-Free, Safe
  • No Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofin or Naproxen
  • No Salicylates, counterirritants, Capsaicin or glucosamine/chondroitin.

On sale today at your friendly neighborhood Holiday Market for $5.99! Sale price valid from 04/25/13 to 05/29/2013 with Rewards card.

In Joy and Health!


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Kind Bars – A Healthy Snack Food!

Kind BarsBe kind to your body and eat a Kind bar! Made from ingredients you can see & pronounce. The Kind bar company believes that food should never be processed to the point that you can no longer tell what it is. Their bars are made with whole nuts and fruit. They bind them together with honey through a natural process that keeps them fresh, brings out their flavor, and achieves just the right amount of crunch.

Stop on by your favorite neighborhood Holiday Market today and enjoy a kind bar on sale for those rewards card members.

Sale price – $1.19 ea with Rewards card thru 4/24/13.
Reg. price – $1.89
You save 70 cents a bar!

In Joy and Health!

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Sweeten up your life with Organic Raw Blue Agave!

Wholesome Organic Raw Blue AgaveWholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Blue Agave is a natural sweetener extracted from the core of the Blue Agave plant.
•    Sweet, mild nectar is 25% sweeter than sugar (so more is less!)
•    A perfect multi-purpose sweetener for beverages, fresh fruit and general table-top use
•    Raw Blue Agave is non-crystallizing and quick dissolving.
•    Specially produced at low temperatures and mildly filtered, it has a full, natural flavor
•    Glycemic index of 39 or less; 55 or below is classifed as low glycemic
•    Natural sweetness without the blood sugar spike
•    No refrigeration required
•    Wholesome Sweeteners’ agave nectars have been tested by an independent glycemic lab
•    Gycemic index will vary from person to person, depending on how each person metabolizes sugar, and on other foods consumed at the same time.
•    The results of glycemic response tests in human subjects are subject to biological variability and may vary depending on the methods used.
Organic Raw Blue Agave Nectar is perfect for everyone, including raw-food enthusiasts! This amber nectar has a distinct and delicious flavor that genuinely enhances foods’ natural sweetness.  It is Certified Organic and GMO-Free, and appropriate for vegan and plant-based diets. It is stable, non-crystallizing and quick dissolving.

Cooking tips:
•    Use as a one-for-one replacement for sugar, then adjust to your own personal taste. Some chefs prefer to use 75% as much Blue Agave nectar as they would sugar in a recipe, but others prefer a straight 1:1 replacement.
•    Reduce the other liquids in a recipe by up to 30%.
•    Cook lower and slower: reduce your baking temperature by about 25 degrees and bake for a little longer.

Stop on by one of your friendly neighborhood Holiday Markets today!

On sale now thru 04/24/13 for $5.49 ea. with Rewards card.

23.5 oz. bottle, Regular price $7.49 ea.

In Joy and Health!


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Flowers – more than beauty

Flowers – not only for displaying beauty, but can be used to sooth the emotions!Back Kids Rescue Remedy

Attention Moms!

Here’s a great way to help sooth your kids in times of stress.  Bach Kids Rescue® Remedy can have a natural, calming effect with its non drowsy, alcohol-free formula. Many a parent has found Bach flower remedies to be helpful in those unwanted stressful situations. Bach Kids Rescue® Remedy an alcohol-free formula in a kid-safe plastic bottle and dropper created to help children during times of stress and anxiety. Safe, gentle, non-drowsy formula.

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls”
Dr. Edward Bach

Stop by your friendly neighborhood Holiday Market and pick up a Bach Kids bottle today!

Online store price: $14.25

Holiday Market regular price $11.99; On sale for $11.11 with Rewards card until 04/03/2013.

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A healthy treat for the kids!

Rainbow Light® Gummy Power Sours® Multivitamin & Multimineral

Gummy Power SoursToday’s active kids need plenty of immune support. Gummy Power Sours® multivitamins deliver twice the recommended daily value of vitamin C for enhanced immune support,* plus a balanced profile of vitamins and minerals kids need. Yummy sour pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and lemon gummies are gluten free and 100% natural – no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or additives. For kids with allergy sensitivities, Power Sours® are gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, soy-free and contain no nuts. Single-serve packets preserve freshness and purity – perfect for nutrition on the go!

Twice the Recommended Daily Value of Vitamin C

Gummy Power Sours® are packed with 120 mg of Vitamin C in every serving.

  • Pure and natural ingredients
  • Delicious sour flavors kids love
  • Convenient single-serve

On Sale today at your friendly neighborhood Holiday Market!

Reg. price $11.25; For rewards card members $10.37 ea

In Joy and Health,


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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A delicious way of managing weight!

thinkThin BarthinkThin®! – Managing your weight never tasted so good.  thinkThin® bars are the ideal food on the go for an active weight management lifestyle.

One thinkThin® bar delivers 20 grams of protein with 0 grams of sugar.  They are delicious, satisfying and gluten-free. thinkThin® bars come in a variety of flavors.

Stop on by your favorite neighborhood Holiday Market today and enjoy these tasty protein bars.

On sale for $1.39 each with Rewards card; Regular price $1.99 each

On sale today through 02/27/2013

In Joy and Health – Mr. Natural,


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Eternal Water

Eternal Water

Due to our busy lives and hectic schedules we sometimes have a tendency not to eat a balanced diet.

Most of us are consuming foods that are acid forming and we avoid eating foods that alkalize the body such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Stop by Holiday Market today and pick-up a bottle of Eternal Water. It’s naturally alkaline, electrolyte rich, and comes in a BPA-Free – no phthalate container.

On sale today for $1.29 a liter with Rewards Card.  Regular price $1.69 ea.

Sale price good from 01/01/2013 to 02/26/2013.

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Quick nutrition for men and women leading a fast-paced life style

Rainbow Light® Certified Organics™ Women's MultivitaminRainbow Light® Certified Organics™ Men's MultivitaminAt Holiday Market we carry Rainbow Light® Certified Organics™ Whole Food Multivitamins with antioxidants and targeted herbal complexes. Made with organic fruits and vegetables and packed full of antioxidants and plant based digestive enzymes, Rainbow Light® Multivitamins are allergen safe containing no gluten, soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives.

These top of the line supplements are ON SALE for the ENTIRE month of JANUARY.

Regular price for the Men’s Organic Multivitamin, 120 vegetarian capsules: $23.99; Holiday Rewards Card price: $18.27, SAVINGS of $5.72!

Regular price for the Women’s Organic Multivitamin, 120 vegetarian capsules: $23.99; Holiday Rewards Card price: $21.27, SAVINGS of $2.72!

Holiday Market – great products for you and your family and great savings for everyone!

In Joy and Health,

Mr. Natural – Khristopher

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Tips from Tim…

When thinking about all those potential new year’s resolutions, one
 can start now by doing just a little bit of planning.  I call this the
 BAM approach to life.  BAM stands for Be specific – Attainable -
Measurable in your goals.  When thinking about your new year’s
 resolution, “Be” thinking about something you can describe in detail,
 for example; “I will reduce my body mass index to a healthy level.”
 “I will have a healthy ratio between my muscle mass and stored energy
 mass.”  Both you and your family Physician should determine what is
 ‘healthy’ for you.  Next is the “Attainable” factor, this is the
 reasonableness of your goal, for example “I will bike ride at least 50
 miles each month.”  This would only be reasonable if you are already 
bike riding some miles each month.  If you have not been on a bike in
 years, you may want to make your goal “I will ride 50 miles by the end
 of the summer!”  Lastly, “Measurable”,  you may want to create a chart for your goals with dates and milestones.  You can set a goal of
 planting 20 organic vegetables this year, you can set up a time and
 amount for each launch.  There is an old quote “What gets measured -
 gets done!”  Your Holiday Market has organic foods, seeds, and
 supplements to help you with your goals.  Talk with your friendly
 Natural Foods Specialist about your goals for the new year.

Timothy A. Cahill

Natural Foods Specialist

Holiday Market, Placerville

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