We are proud to offer a wide variety of upscale Artisan breads and desserts -most of which are unique to Holiday Market!

Artisan Breads

Our Artisan breads are baked ‘fresh’ every day and we only carry the highest quality of these old world style breads.



Gourmet Desserts

Remlinger Farm pies are made with 2 pounds of real fruit in each pie. There is no room for preservatives, fillers or corn syrup. Hand made on the farm and baked fresh in our in-store bakeries.


Max’s Cakes, these are the same decadent cakes they offer in their gourmet restaurants; only in a smaller 7” size. The proof is in the tasting! Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes, now you can enjoy these legendary cheesecakes whenever you want. We carry 3 varieties everyday with seasonal flavors throughout the year.


Healthy Alternatives

By popular demand we are now offering a selection of ‘healthy’ baked products; Gluten-Free, Organic, All Natural, and Sugar-Free.


Are you hungry for lunch, dinner or just a snack; are you giving a party or having family or friends over? Feel like a hot meal or a sandwich? We have it all and since quality is our middle name, you can rest assured we will only offer you the freshest and the best!



Boars Head Brand Meats is proud to say that their meats and cheeses contain no fillers, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or trans fat.

We also carry a selection of deli meats that are certified by the American Heart Association. Good for You – Never Tasted so Good!

Signature Deli Sandwiches, are custom made with only Boar’s Head meats and cheeses with a large selection of veggies, mustards, dressings and more!



Panini Sandwiches made with Boar's Head meats and cheeses and Artisan breads; then grilled to order.


Fresh Made Salads are prepared on site and we have a wide variety of tantalizing flavors to choose from.


Gourmet Cheese is an ever growing and evolving category that we are passionate about. We carry over 100 different varieties and still growing! Can’t make up your mind or want to try before buying? Our friendly deli associates will be happy to cut you off a sample.



Personal Pizzas, we have created a line of Classic pizzas with our best ingredients. We offer a traditional combo pizza (actually there is nothing traditional about it), Fresh Mozzarella, Mediterranean, BBQ Chicken or our California combo made with our rotisserie chicken.


Boar's Head Soup, made only as Boar's Head can - with the highest quality ingredients and pack full of flavor! Oh, and did I forget to mention the Chili; fabulous!!




Meal Solutions

We have a large variety displayed in our Grab & Go area for our guests on the go.

Rotisserie Chickens are one of our most popular items, marinated, sprinkled with seasonings and roasted to perfection in our rotisserie ovens.


These are delicious, moist and good for you! Try some of our many meal solutions that are prepared with this great product!

Cheese 101

With so many choices, like fine wines and breads, cheese falls into categories as well, based on texture and the process in making it. So we thought this information would be helpful with enhancing your cheese experience.





They may contain 50% (single cream), 60% (double cream) or 70% fat (triple cream). They have a thin edible white mole rind, which gives the cheese its flavor. They have a creamy colored interior & texture that oozes at room temperature. Its flavor is mildly tangy when young, and develops pungency over time. The white bloomy rind will be firm but tender.


Excellent appetizers! Spread on crackers or sliced fruit.
Commonly baked in puff pastry.


Brie, Camembert, St Andre, Cambozola





The blue streaks are a result of mold from harmless bacteria that is added during manufacture. Their textures range from creamy to crumbly.
Their flavors can be delicate and slightly tangy to earthy and very sharp.

Best known for salad dressings or dips.
Melted over steak or on Hamburgers
Great addition to a dessert

Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Stilton, Rosenborg blue




High in moisture and low in fat.
Mild soft flavor and texture.
Uncured or cured for a short period of time.

Use in salads, dips, wraps, sandwiches and appetizers.
Also used as ingredients in a wide variety of hot and cold dishes.

Crème Fraiche, Ricotta, Feta, Mascarpone, Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese




Goat Cheese as a category is growing 20% annually with increasing demand.
Goat cheese is easier to digest than cow’s milk due to the smaller size of its protein and fat molecules and signigicant decrease in lactose content. Goat cheese is lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories in comparison to cow’s milk cheeses and people who are lactose intolerant can esat goat cheeses. Flavor is mild, dense, smooth and creamy.

Chevre is wonderful lightly broiled over a bagel or crumbled onto a pizza or salad.
All types melt beautifully in sauces.
A great table cheese paired with crackers, bread and fruit.

Laura Chenel, Montchevre, Cypress Grove




Taste ranges from mild and creamy to pungent and earthy. They are supple, creamy and slice well and have smooth and satiny textures. May be wrapped in wax, paraffin, or plastic film.
Another name for some semi-soft cheese varieties is monastery cheese because European monks originally produced them.

Primarily eating cheese – slices well and has an easy flavor profile
A nice addition to omelets and soufflés
Can upscale a sandwich

Jack, Havariti, Edam, Farmers, Fontina, Provolone, Limburger, Muenster, Teleme and Halloumi.




Medium flavor – stronger texture and medium build. Aged a year. Pressed cooked cheese like Emmental have holes that are formed by carbon dioxide escaping during ripening.
Cheeses in the cheddar family are acidified Omega replica cheap christian louboutin and slated in the curd, then shaped in a mold and ripened.

PERFECT snacking cheese – serve alone and enjoy the wonderful flavors.
Cheddar is versatile when grated over potatoes, chili, or salad.
A great addition to crusty bread or fresh fruit (or apple pie).
Perfect cheeses for fondues and gratins.

A variety of aged and flavored cheddars, Emmental/Swiss, Gruyere, Dubliner, Gouda, Jarlesgurg, Parrano, Comte.




Very hard and granular with a hard and brittle rind. Light in color (ivory/yellow) and have a distinct sharp, pungent flavor. Salty flavor profile. Longer shelf life than most cheeses due to low moisture content.

Grate, slice or melt them. Perfect ingredients in such dishes as pastas, omelets, and crepes. Also makes great snacking cheese!

Parmigiano Reggiano, Asiago, Pecorino Romano, Myzithra, Dry Jack